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Hybrid Infrastructure management Solution,SysMaster Suite Since the establishment of Infranics in 2000, we are developeing and provide SysMaster Suite required for stable and efficient management of ICT infra. The ICT management solution developed and provided by Infranics continues to add intelligence to the ICT infra through the our IMC (Infra Management Cycle) based on the mathematical analysis and forecasting Big Data Analize and Control.
Customer On Demand Cloud Services,Systeer Through Systeer Cloud service, we provide ICT basic platform - SaaS,PaaS and IaaS - from the customer's point of view. To this , we provide "End to End Layered Management" service at our M-Center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We manages the customer's service infrastructure with Pro-Active based on SysMaster Suite, a specialized solution for Infranics's ICT infrastructure management.
Smart ICT Platform We supply the Smart ICT Platform. Our ICT Platform is based on our SysMaster Suite solution and Systeer service. Application SW is with our Eco Partners and IaaS field is formed with Public Iaas business partners. Furthermore, We provide well-organized H@IDC services to customers who need a hybrid infra environment.
A Trusted Ally in ICT Infrastructure Managemenet and Services ICT infra is continuing to become an important and compulsory foundation for companies and the country. The reliable and stable operation of ICT infra is the competitiveness of companies and the country. We sincerely send our thanks to the customers who are using our SysMaster Suite,and Systeer Services. Everyone at Infranics will continue to give the best efforts to stand by your side, 24 hours, 365 days a year. Infranics is a Trusted Ally in Legacy And Cloud Infrastructure Management and Services. Thank you very much. Infranics Co.,Ltd.
CEO/President Song, Young Sun