• SysMaster Suite is optimized to IT infrastructure management that is being used by corporate, finance, public and service sectors, and it is a Pro-Active operating system that prevents faults in advance and implements fast recovery system by building a company-wide integrated monitoring system for quick response to faults and prevention of similar faults.
  • Specialized IT infrastructure Visibility
    Specialized End-to-End Integrated Visibility of IT infrastructure (server, NW equipment, DB, storage, application, circuit, etc.)
  • Pro-Active fault Management
    Advance detection and management of IT infrastructure fault through unique statistical analysis method
  • In Memory Computing-based real-time monitoring
    Real-time fault processing and analysis of big data based on In Memory Computing
  • Management of fault experienced by user
    Quality management of business and service as well as service route monitoring through Simulation (Smart Agent) from the user’s perspective
  • Automation of IT operation
    Detection and reporting of security regulation violation based on IT infrastructure inspection automation and compliance rule setting