• SysCare Service prevents issues in advance by implementing a perfect maintenance system through expert technical personnel. Although SysCare is invisible, it is awake 24 hours a day.
  • By creating a DB of fault processing status, able to quickly and accurately respond to similar occurrences
    Manage product version and customer-specific patch by operating SysCare KDB.
  • Operate remote control center
    (SysCare M-Center) 24 hours 365 days
    24*365 Operation members perform monitoring services for stable system operation.
  • Provide organic technical support and fault processing support to customers by operating customer’s SR system.
    Provide One Stop maintenance service through Single Point Of Contact service.
  • Holds various SysCare Service experience
    Holds various experiences in many sectors such as financial, manufacturing, public and education
  • Expert technical support team configuration and fast fault processing
    Minimum fault recovery time through maintenance team
    Fault recovery is begun within 4 hours of request and completed within 24 hours
  • Zero customer dissatisfaction
    Periodical customer dissatisfaction monitoring through Happy Call and systematic post management