• Availability
    Apply the world’s first level of 99.95% quality assurance (SLA) (KT ucloud quality index)
  • Reliability
    IT infra management specialized company
    Company proven for performance/high-capacity/expandability
    Total service providing from consulting and implementation to operation
  • Trust Security
    kt Mong-dong Information center based M-Center services (Secured managed services)
  • Various cloud products
    Provide various services including Public Cloud, Enterprise Cloud, and G-Cloud
    Provide security environment in the same level as IDC
  • Industrial PaaS
    Customized platform where industrial features are reflected
    Provide customers fast, stable, and high qualified platform services
  • Managed Service
    Provide stable operation services optimized by professional engineers
    Perform like customer’s own IT department
    Stable operation including security structure support and failure response
  • Integrated control monitoring
    Provide 24-hour 365-day control services in strict security system (M-Center)
    Provide real-time monitoring for the use of infra resources and operation reporting